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Flat Plate

PHOTONIZERTM Series Solar Water Heating Systems are the conventional type with Flat Plate Collectors manufactured with selectively coated copper fins.

These systems are approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and have a proven track record of performance.

The principal features of a PHOTONIZERTM are:

  • Temperature - 60°C / 80°C
  • Absorber - copper fins with selective coating
  • Storage Tank SS 304
  • PUF Insulated tank with SS or powder coated Aluminium cladding
  • Back up Electrical Heater with Thermostat (optional)
  • Powder coated mild steel support structure
  • Available capacities in LPD (Litres per Day).

For Domestic Applications: 100 LPD or multiples for larger capacity

For Industrial & Commercial Applications: Any capacity by integrating multiple 100 LPD collectors to get the desired capacity.